3 reasons (and a story) to collaborate to win

Businessman And Businesswoman Having Informal Office Meeting

There is a blind man and a lame man. They often compete against each other to see who’s better in what. One day, their deaf friend got so sick of their competition and came up with an idea.

“Let me be the judge. Whoever gets to my place first, will be the winner.”Negotiation-skills-badge

The blind man and lame man were both set to win this competition. However, the deaf man stays 10 miles away from them. For many weeks, they brainstormed on how to get to their deaf friend. The blind man won’t be able to see the road and the lame man won’t be able to walk.

A brilliant idea struck them!

The lame man will get on the shoulders of the blind man. They collaborated! The blind man will be the lame man’s legs. And the lame man will be the blind man’s eyes. How wonderful! They were so happy and they got on their way.

As you are able to guess, both are winners. Win-Win!

Collaboration is indeed more powerful than competition.