Get them to negotiate!

Word Cloud "Negotiation"I agree that sometimes we do find that we have difficulty getting people to negotiate. They just seems to be disinterested in negotiating and have previously refused to negotiate. Things can get quite complex if not handled properly.

You must be thinking, “How do I negotiate with her if I cannot even get her to talk about the issue?”

How do you get people to negotiate?

First, look at the reasons why that person does not wish to negotiate.

Investigate from all areas and all perspectives:Negotiation-Skills-Training

Does she feel there is no need to negotiate?
Is she offended by something?
Is she concerned about some issue?
Maybe she is not ready to negotiate?
Could it be because she dislikes negotiation?

After you have tried to find out the cause for her refusal to negotiate, you can then truly understand from her point of view. Some people just dislikes negotiation. If this is so, maybe use another term to replace negotiation.


“Let’s discuss this issue.”
“We need to talk about this.”
“I am concerned that we are not progressing.”
“Is there something that you like to talk about with regards to this issue?”
“When is a good time for us to discuss this?”

There are other ways to get her to negotiate with you.

1) Find someone close as your allySales Negotiation

Get that person to talk to her. She could be refusing to talk to you because of the kind of relationship she has with you. She could be uncomfortable negotiating with you alone. Get someone who is close to her or at least someone neutral to talk to her .

2) Lure them in with opportunities

Make it really tempting for them to come to the negotiating table.

“Hey, I found a good solution to this problem!”
“If we can discuss this, we will be able to better our relationship!”

Create more irresistible offers to entice her.

3) Arrange the situation such that she has more to lose if she drags onbigstock-Coming-to-an-agreement-through-51612709-300x284

Some negotiation experts use the phrase: take away their BATNA.

“This issue at hand is frustrating me, I am not sure if I am willing to wait to resolve this.” (beware of the credibility issue of a threat)
“If you are not going to talk about this, I will move forward with my decision.”

Taking away her BATNA does not necessary means threatening or blackmailing. It is more credible if you are able to do something to change the situation and not just SAY something.

4) Wait, wait and wait

If all else fails, and there is nothing much you can do, you just have to wait.

Maybe she feels that it is not the right time to negotiate yet.
Maybe she has some issues at hand.
Maybe she needs more time.
Maybe she does not think negotiation is necessary.